Welcome to Art Residence Prague

A Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery

Unique Czech Glass

Czech Crystal & Glass Design belongs to the best quality Worldwide. We offer unique glass sculptures especially by Czech artist. Worldwide known architect and designer Bořek Šípek with his unique collection of chandeliers belongs to our Top Artists.

Pigment Prints on Canvas

Collection Flower Garden exclusively in our portfolio. Art skills & talent with deep, long term knowledge and experience of the artist in the field of large–format Pigment Print on Canvas, in the highest museum quality. We supply exclusively Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Corporate Buildings and Private Clients with full services, starting with the Creative concept, through color management, prints and final installation.

Artist-in-Residence Program & Workshops

Thanks to our historic location on Prague's Royal Road, we are proud to provide unique hidden place for creations of selected Czech and International Artists, Students &Teachers and Art Lovers. We offer an amazing experience directly in the heart of Prague. Read more in Artist-in-Residence Program 2016.